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Research - Basic Methods: Keyword, Title,
and Author Searches

Learn how to execute basic search techniques in the Maly Library catalog.

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Maly Library Catalog:  

Keyword Searching

Keyword: Karl Barth - will return records that include both the terms Karl and Barth

A keyword search is a great start to any research.

Title Searching

Title: Karl Barth - will return records that have a title beginning with Karl Barth

Use a title search if you know the complete title of the work you are looking for. 

The completeness and order of words matter in a title search. For example, a title search for Karl Barth will yield the result Karl Barth: A Theological Legacy but not Ecclesial Mediation in Karl Barth.

Author Searching

Author: Barth, Karl - will return records that are written by Karl Barth

Use an author search if you know the full or partial name of your author. Always list authors' names in the order of Last, First.

Saints' names are formatted as such: "Thomas, Aquinas, Saint" or "Clare, of Assisi, Saint"

Opal Help Page

Visit the Opal Help page for more information on searching, requesting Opal items, and using your account.