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Research - Basic Methods: Limiting
Search Results

Learn how to execute basic search techniques in the Maly Library catalog.

Search Limits

Search Limits allow you to refine your results using specific conditions. Try search limits at Maly Library's Advanced Search page.

More Search Options

You can specify your searches by instructing the catalog to only search certain fields within a record. There are many options, some of which we explore in-depth. The most common searches are by keyword, title, author, and subject. To see a complete list of search types that can be helpful in research, click on the More Options tab on the Maly Library catalog search page.

Search Limits

Limiting by Availability

Choose to only view results that are currently available in the library. Items that are currently checked out will not appear in your results.

Limiting by Date

Create a "before" year, an "after" year, or a range of years to return results published before, after, or within the years specified.

Limiting by Format

Specify what format of material you want to access. Formats include sound or video recordings, as well as electronic resources such as CD-ROMs or e-books.

Limiting by Form

Specify whether you are interested in fiction or non-fiction genres, as well as different levels of government publications (local, state, federal).

Limiting by Language

Specify in which language you want your results. Only one language can be specified at a time.

Opal Help Page

Visit the Opal Help page for more information on searching, requesting Opal items, and using your account.