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Research - Basic Methods: WildCards and

Learn how to execute basic search techniques in the Maly Library catalog.

Wildcards and Truncation:

Allow you to use root words to search for terms that might have different spellings or endings.

Use the wildcard/truncation symbols (*, **, or ?) to search the catalog for items that include your search term with different variances.

Try It Out!

Give this search method a try.

Maly Library Catalog:  

Using Wild Cards and Truncation

A single asterisk "*" can be placed in a search term to represent up to 5 missing letters, starting where you place the asterisk.

Commun* - search terms may be communion, community, communal, commune, etc.

Colo*r - search terms may be color or colour

Sacrament* - search terms may be sacrament, sacraments, sacramental, etc.

A double asterisk "**" can be placed in a search term to represent an unlimited number of letters, starting where you place the asterisk.

Inter** - search terms may be internal, interreligious, international, intercontinental, etc.

A single question mark "?" can be used to represent a letter that can vary within the search term.

Wom?n - search terms may be woman or women


Symbols for Wildcards and Truncation

Wildcards and truncation are search tools available in most databases. However, the symbols used for these tools may be unique to each database. Access the "Help" page provided by the database to see which symbols are used for wildcards and truncation. 

Opal Help Page

Visit the Opal Help page for more information on searching, requesting Opal items, and using your account.