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Research - Basic Methods: Sorting
Search Results

Learn how to execute basic search techniques in the Maly Library catalog.

Sorting Searches:

Helps you identify desirable, timely, or relevant information faster.

Maly Library Advanced Search Page

Try sorting at Maly Library's Advanced Search page.

Search Sorts

When executing a search, you have several opportunities to sort your results.

  • On the advanced keyword search page, use the "Search and Sort by" feature at the bottom of the search window. Here you can sort by relevance, date of publication, or title.



  • After executing the search, you can sort by relevance, date, or title.



  • For non-keyword searches (title, author, subject, etc.), additional sorting options are available in a drop down menu.


Opal Help Page

Visit the Opal Help page for more information on searching, requesting Opal items, and using your account.