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LPC 122 Introduction to the New Testament: Find Web Info

Can I Use Google?

Google is a natural starting point for information search, but not always a good path for scholarly research. Here is a good overview of its strengths and weaknesses.

Can I use Wikipedia?

Wikipedia can be used in the beginning stages of research to get an overview of a topic, but should never be cited as an authoritative source in scholarly work. If you use Wikipedia, you must verify the obtained information using other authoritative resources.

New Testament Websites

Google Theology

Use this custom Google search to locate articles concerning religious studies published in over 350 open access journals.

Evaluating Internet Information

Questions for evaluating a website:

1. WHO is hosting this information? Who is the intended audience? 

2. WHY has this website been created? What is the underlying agenda?

3. WHEN was the site created? When was it last updated?

4. WHAT is the source for the content? Is proper attribution given?

5. WHERE is the site located? Does the geography have an impact on the site and its contents?