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LPC 122 Introduction to the New Testament: Find Books

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Author Search: Church Fathers

Ambrose Saint Bishop Of Milan 397

Athanasius Saint Patriarch Of Alexandria 373

Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo

Basil Saint Bishop Of Caesarea Approximately 329 379

Clement I, Pope

Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage

Cyril Saint Bishop Of Jerusalem Approximately 315 386

Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 260-ca. 340.

Gregory I Pope Approximately 540 604

Gregory Of Nazianzus, Saint

Gregory, of Nyssa, Saint, ca. 335-ca. 394.

Hippolytus Antipope Approximately 170 235 Or 236

Ignatius, Saint, Bishop of Antioch, -approximately 110.

Irenaeus, Saint, Bishop of Lyon.

Jerome Saint 419 Or 420

John Chrysostom Saint 407

Justin, Martyr, Saint.

Leo I Pope 461


Polycarp, Saint, Bishop of Smyrna

Tertullian Approximately 160 Approximately 230