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Bible Resources: Bible Versions
and Pronunciation

Find useful tools for Biblical study.

Bibles Online


BibleWorks 9 software is available on select, marked computer stations in the Reading Room. BibleWorks is an extensive study tool with many different applications for exegesis and research. BibleWorks allows you to study multiple translations in multiple languages with tools to compare and analyze chapters, verses, and words, while cross-referencing your research with related material. Visit the library to use and learn about this software.

Biblical Research

Biblical research calls for the use of specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference books. Begin by identifying key passages, terms, and concepts for research. Many resources are online; however, much more is available in the library collection.

Finding Bibles in the Library

Maly Library uses Dewey Decimal classification. Knowing basic Dewey numbers for the Bible will help you locate resources you need. All Bible resources are found in the 220s:

  • 220.1 Origin of the bible
  • 220.3 Encyclopedias/Dictionaries of the Bible
  • 220.4 Original texts/early translations
  • 220.486 Septuagint
  • 220.5 Modern versions and translations
  • 220.5202 Douay-Rheims Bible
  • 220.5203 King James Bible
  • 220.52043 New Revised Standard Version
  • 220.6 Interpretation/criticism (exegesis)
  • 220.7 General commentaries
  • 220.8 Nonreligious subjects treated in the bible (e.g., plants, music)
  • 220.9 Geography, history, and persons of the bible
  • 221 Old Testament – general
  • 222 OT – Historical books
  • 223 OT – Poetic books
  • 224 OT – Prophetic books
  • 225 New Testament – general
  • 226 NT – Gospels and Acts
  • 227 NT – Epistles
  • 228 NT – Revelation (Apocalypse)
  • 229 Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha

Pronunciation Guide