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Homiletics: Home

This guide, designed to support the 'Introduction to Homiletics' class, provides links to library materials and homiletical resources.

Library Resources for Homiletics

Use this LibGuide to locate library tips and resources for your homilies!

Tip: When running searches in catalogs and databases, start with keyword searches. When you find an item of interest, check its subject headings. Searching by subject heading will help you focus your research. Below are some commonly used subject headings for exegesis and preaching.  Note: the catalog is not case sensitive and you do not need to use any punctuation.

baptism sermons bible old testament homiletical use public worship Catholic Church
bible commentaries Catholic Church sermons public worship Catholic Church planning
bible criticism, interpretation, etc Catholic preaching sermons
bible homiletical use funeral sermons sermons, American
bible new testament commentaries lay preaching wedding sermons
bible new testament criticism, interpretation, etc lectionary preaching  
bible new testament homiletical use lectionary preaching Catholic Church  
bible old testament commentaries preaching  
bible old testament criticism, interpretation, etc public worship  


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