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Writing - Writing & Citing Workshop: Online Writing Resources

Online Resources

Peer-Reviewed articles are excellent sources for your research. Watch this explanation of the peer-review process, in which an article is evaluated to determine whether it is scholarly enough for publication in an academic journal. 

  1. Set aside time to write, and write often.
    • Scheduling time to write ensures it isn't put off.  Writing on a daily basis engages you in creative work and also develops your writing abilities so you don't need to wait for inspiration to show up.
  2. Schedule time for your specific project so you stay on track.
    • Assign deadlines and due dates for different stages of your research and writing.
  3. Find an environment in which you are comfortable and productive.
    • Maximize your output by surrounding yourself with the resources you need to write (a computer, research material, citation manual, grammar guide, etc.) and minimizing distractions (the TV, bills, your beloved children, etc.).
  4. Write, then revise.
    • Being a good writer is not the key to success in academic studies.  Being a good editor or revisor is more important.  Don't worry about perfection in your first draft.

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