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This LibGuide was created to assist students writing a thesis for the degrees Master of Arts, Theology (MAT) or Master of Arts, Biblical Studies (MAB). This guide will also serve those who are writing a major research paper for the Master of Arts, Catholic Studies (MACS).

Throughout this guide you will find links to databases, templates, and tools to assist you. If you have any additional questions or recommendations to improve this guide, please contact the library.

To browse our MA theses collection, visit the basement level of the library, in compact shelving at the far right. You may search the library catalog for our print theses by clicking here. Some of our most highly scored theses are also found full text online at the OhioLink ETD

Documents for MAT, MAB

If you need help

Librarians are available to assist you with thesis/paper research, writing, formatting, and citation questions. Please contact the library for assistance at 513-233-6136 or email the Library Director (

For guidance on formatting and style questions not answered in this online guide (including questions on punctuation, capitalization, abbreviation, citation, clarity, organization, etc.), please consult Strunk and White's Elements of Style or Turabian or Dreyer's English (the latter two are available in Maly Library).

There are many online guides to developing a research question and thesis statement, for example:

You may also find many online guides to research, writing, and grammar, for example:

The Maly Library has a limited seat license to Grammarly Premium. If you would like access to it, please contact the Library Director (

Documents for MACS

Recommended books for research and writing available at Maly Library