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Research - Using OPAL, OhioLINK, and Search Ohio: OPAL, OhioLINK, and Search Ohio

Learn how to use our consortial catalogs to request items from other Ohio libraries.

Maly Library/OPAL Catalog

Search our local catalog here.

Maly Library Catalog:  

Or, click on the advanced search link below to expand your search to other OPAL libraries.

OhioLINK Catalog

Expand your search using the OhioLINK catalog.

OhioLINK Catalog: 

Search Ohio Catalog

You can use the Search Ohio catalog by linking through the OhioLINK catalog, or by using the link below.

What are OPAL and OhioLINK?

Maly Library is a member of two large library consortia exclusive to Ohio libraries.

The OPAL Consortium (Ohio Private Academic Libraries) is a group of 25 libraries that engage in resource sharing. The OPAL catalog includes the entire collection of these libraries, as well as the Athenaeum collection, providing a large, diverse pool of resources. When using the Maly Library catalog, you can choose to only search materials available from the Athenaeum, or you can simultaneously search the library catalogs of the other OPAL member libraries. Items can be requested from all OPAL libraries for student and faculty use.

The OhioLINK Consortium is a group of 93 public and private colleges and universities, with the State Library of Ohio, that also engages in resource sharing. The OhioLINK catalog includes the entire collections of these libraries, as well as the Athenaeum collection, providing a large, diverse pool of resources. The OhioLINK catalog is available on the Library's home page, or you can use the search box to the left of your screen. Items can also be requested from OhioLINK libraries for student and faculty use.

View a map of other OhioLINK libraries here.

Please note that consortial borrowing is only available to registered students and faculty.

What is Search Ohio?

The Search Ohio Consortium is a group of 28 public library systems within the state of Ohio. The Athenaeum does not belong to this consortium, but we do freely lend and borrow from all Search Ohio libraries. Many popular titles are available through Search Ohio.

Use Search Ohio when an item is not available via Maly Library, OPAL, or OhioLINK or if you need some recreational reading and AV materials!