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Speak the truth in love. Eph 4:15

Online Resources

Books aimed at children and youth

  • Theology of the Body for kids, 3 volume set. Book series for 5-7 year olds authored by Monica Ashour and published by Pauline Books and Media. In the midst of the recent confusion regarding gender dysphoria and the popular media promoting it, St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body (TOB) gives a compelling response. This beautifully illustrated set helps children see the body as a gift from God to be treasured and treated as such.
  • My Body is Me by Rachel Rooney. An upbeat, rhyming picture book, aimed at 3-6 year- olds, it introduces children to the workings of the human body and celebrates similarities and differences while challenging sex stereotypes. It also aims to promote a positive self-image and foster self-care skills. The text is inclusive of children with physical or sensory disabilities.
  • Wonderfully Made! Babies: A Catholic Perspective on How and Why God Makes Babies by Ellen Giangiordano et al. A TOB book aimed at ages 9 and up. Through beautiful illustrations and simple yet truthful and medically correct language, this book explains the majesty God designed into the full, free, faithful, and fruitful communion of spouses that allows “man” to “image” the Trinity.
  • Good Pictures, Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids by Kristen Jenson. Gender dysphoria is often associated with early exposure to porn. This book is one tool to help porn-proof your child, ages 7-12, and is available in several languages. There is a junior version of this title aimed at 3-6 year olds. The Defend Young Minds website also has resources for parents and professionals to talk to kids about the dangers of pornography. This book is available in the Maly Library.

Books available at the Maly Library